Email Deliverability: Part 4 – IP Address Reputation

What is a “blacklisted IP”? Unfortunately, one of the issues that web hosting providers have to deal with is IPs that are blacklisted. These often are caused by previous users of that IP, one of their own customers sending spam, or some other reason. The first step you’ll want to perform is to utilize a few different websites that enable you to check the reputation […]

Email Deliverability: Part 3 – DMARC Records

There is a DNS entry called “DMARC” which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance. DMARC is an email validation system designed to protect your email domain from being used for email spoofing. By configuring DMARC, you reduce the risk of malicious actors trying to send an email that “looks” like it is from your domain, but isn’t actually coming from your domain. DMARC […]

Email Deliverability: Part 2 – DKIM Records

What is DKIM? Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is an email authentication method that enables the receiver to check that an email was sent and authorized by the owner of the domain. DKIM generates a unique digital signature that is sent in email headers and secured with encryption. DKIM is relatively easy to set up. As this is automatically created, we are not going to […]

Email Deliverability: Part 1 – SPF Records

How do I Improve My Email Deliverability? Email deliverability when hosting your email with a web hosting provider can be a tricky issue. Oftentimes, we see or hear about web hosting customers across the industry that have been having issues with their emails going to spam folders or being rejected completely. This series will discuss a few different processes for ensuring that your DNS records […]

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