Affiliate Program

With the ProResellerHost Affiliate Program, you can make a significant amount of money for each person you refer to us and purchases a web hosting package. As you can see, there are different levels of affiliate revenue for each type of hosting package. Each level has recurring income equal to a percentage of the individual hosting package. For example, if a customer used your affiliate link and purchased a Reseller Hosting package that costs $50 a month, you will receive 15% of that recurring payment if they are paying customers. This would be equal to $7.50 monthly income that would be paid to you.

Cookies: cookies that are set when a visitor uses your link lasts for three months (60 days) from the first time the link is clicked. This gives ample opportunity for you to generate commissions if the customer doesn’t want to purchase right away.

Payment: payments are currently made through PayPal, however, we will be offering other payment options in the near future.

Payout Period: payouts will be made after the 60-day money back guarantee expires. Payouts are made typically at 65 days and after. Any payout requests made prior to the 65-day payout period will be made when the 65-day period comes.

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If you have any questions about the Affiliate Program, please feel free to reach out to our Sales Department by submitting a ticket.

Affiliate Commisions

Shared Web Hosting (S1, S2, S3, S4) 10%
10% Complete
Reseller Hosting (R1, R2, R3, R4) 15%
15% Complete
Master Reseller Hosting (MR1, MR2, MR3, MR4) 20%
20% Complete
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